1. What is Dr. Ambedkar Young Entrepreneurs League (AYE League)?

Reply: AYE LEAGUE is a national level competition for identifying Scheduled Castes Youths with support worthy innovative ideas.

2. Who all can apply for this National Level Competition?

Reply: The participant is required to fulfil the basic eligibility as below:

• The participant should belong to Scheduled Castes (SC) Community and possess a valid SC Certificate;

• The participant should be of 18 years and above age;

• The participant should be working on a support worthy innovative business idea.

3. How can I register for AYE LEAGUE?

Reply: Online registration can be done by clicking on “Apply Online” under Ambedkar Young Entrepreneur League Tab.

4. What all documents are required for registration?

Reply: The details are available on the official website of AYE LEAGUE.

5. What are the stages of AYE LEAGUE competition?

Reply: There shall be two stages under AYE LEAGUE viz. Stage I – “Screening Round” and “Stage II – Selection Round”. Under the Screening Round, the online applications are invited through nationwide call for application advertisement and shall be shall be screened as per the parameters finalised byan independent jury. Thereafter, under the Selection Round, the shortlisted applicants shall be required to give a detailed presentation about their product/services before the Jury.

The finalists selected by the Jury at the second round shall be invited for Mega Event for felicitation.

6. Benefit for the Winners of AYE LEAGUE Competition?

Reply: The winners of AYE LEAGUE shall be given an opportunity to avail financial assistance of upto Rs.30 Lakh over a three-year period as equity, under the scheme of “Ambedkar Social Innovation Incubation Mission (ASIIM)”.

7. What is ASIIM?

Reply: ASIIM is a special initiative of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. The objective of this initiative is to provide focused support to young SC Entrepreneurs who are engaged in working on innovative and technology-oriented business ideas either in educational campuses or Technology Business Incubations (TBIs), to help them set up successful commercial enterprises. The details are available on the official website i.e.

8. Whether it will be an online or offline competition?

Reply: The two stages of the competition may be conducted online in view of the Covid protocol. The Mega Event may shall be a physical/online event to be conducted at New Delhi.

9. Is there any fees for applying under AYE LEAGUE?

Reply: There is no fees or charges for applying under the AYE LEAGUE competition.

10. Should the Innovation & technology-oriented idea be from any specific area/segment?

Reply: The idea can be from any segment or area across all sectors / industries provided it should be support worthy.